Nicholas Whittaker

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Nice to meet you, I’m Nicholas! 👋

I’m a developer with a passion for web development and automation!

In my spare time, I rehearse and play with brass bands and orchestras around my hometown of Melbourne, Australia.

You might also find me playing the odd game of lawn bowls.


I write about my experiences, interests and reflections on my blog. If you use an RSS reader, you can subscribe to my feed.

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You can find my other accounts in the site footer.


I studied Computer Science at Monash University and helped launch MonPlan, the University’s official course planning service built for students by students.

I’ve been involved in running workshops, hackathons and events for IT students as a volunteer and committee member with WIRED. Currently, I’m a part of the logistics crew with UNIHACK, organising Australia’s largest hackathon for university students.

I always try to be public about what I’m learning and working on, in the hope that I can help others learn new things too! You can find most of my work either covered in my blog or published on GitHub.