Nicholas Whittaker

My profile picture, which changes over time

Hey, I’m Nicholas!

I’m a developer in Melbourne, Australia. Web development and automation are my passion, and I’m always looking to explore new things and share what I learn with those around me!

In my spare time, I rehearse and play with brass bands and orchestras around Melbourne. Catch me playing euphonium or trombone at street marches or competitions!

I studied Computer Science at Monash University, and helped launch a new course planning service for staff and students, MonPlan. I’ve also been a part of running hackathons and workshops for IT students as a volunteer and committee member for WIRED.

Currently, I’m a part of the logistics crew with UNIHACK, running hackathons for Australian university students.


You can reach me by email or on Twitter.


I like to write about the technologies I use, and pen the odd reflection. You can find all my posts on my blog.

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