Nicholas Whittaker

Developer, Musician and Lawn Bowler

My profile picture, which changes over time

Hey, I'm Nicholas!

I'm a developer in Melbourne Australia, with a passion for music. Most evenings of the week, you'll be sure to find me rehearsing with a brass band or orchestra around Melbourne. Outside of music, I also enjoy playing a good game of lawn bowls!

I'm keen for frontend web development and automation, but working with the full stack isn't something I shy away from! I'm always looking to learn new technologies to put them into use, and to share what I learn with those around me.

I study Computer Science at Monash University. I've been involved with IT at Monash through the WIRED, with the hackathons and workshops for students interested in IT. I've also worked with eSolutions at Monash University, and launched MonPlan with a team of fellow students to make study planning and online course advice accessible and understandable for Monash students.


I like to write down my thoughts and experiences every now and them, feel free to give them a read!

I'm also trying out curating a small newsletter of content I find interesting.


This is located on a separate page, where you can read and print it.


You can find various methods to reach me in the site footer.