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2020-09-25 // 4 min read

This Post Will Disappear After Two Weeks

That's right, there's self-destructing blog posts now

2020-09-12 // 11 min read

A Blazing Fast Solver for Golf Peaks!

Trying a few final approaches to get one last speed boost

2020-09-05 // 23 min read

Speeding Up a Solver for Golf Peaks

Now that it's working, make it work fast!

2020-08-28 // 14 min read

Building a Solver for Golf Peaks

A retrospective on a recent weekend project

2020-07-27 // 9 min read

Curious Fixes to Web Development Woes

Investigations into solutions and workarounds I've seen in the wild

2020-07-04 // 6 min read

Enjoying Music Albums From Start to Finish

Appreciating albums in the age of the playlist

2020-06-21 // 3 min read

This Website Will Disappear One Day

Decay might be inescapable, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy the present

2020-06-08 // 4 min read

Hiding Secret Links With CSS

There's beauty all around, even in the inlined styles of a webpage

2020-05-24 // 9 min read

Continuing Hijinks With Cloudflare Workers

Once was not enough, so did more experimenting!

2020-05-16 // 7 min read

If Keybase Can Do It

Recreating the file sharing functionality of Keybase

2020-04-20 // 10 min read

Poco a Poco Diminuendo, Mellophone

An opportunity to write about the cool components of a hobby project

2020-04-14 // 6 min read

A Pretty Little Bit of Rsync

The unexpectedly lengthy story about improving one line in a script

2020-03-22 // 6 min read

Sending Out My Newsletter

With a little help from Buildkite, Mailgun and Cloudflare!

2020-03-02 // 11 min read

Getting Up to Hijinks With Cloudflare Workers

Cloudflare has a serverless offering, let's explore!

2019-12-27 // 11 min read

Validating Buildkite Pipelines

Buliding a service to validate Buildkite pipeline files

2019-12-18 // 6 min read

Debugging My Terraria Server's Startup

My server would start up under a specific set of circumstances, but mysteriously failed otherwise...

2019-10-20 // 7 min read

Hacktoberfest 2019 Workshop

Running a Hacktoberfest workshop at Monash University

2019-08-13 // 13 min read

DDD Melbourne 2019

Reflections, discussions and thoughts from attending DDD Melbourne 2019

2019-04-25 // 5 min read

Good Technical Presentations

Making tech talks and workshops greats one!

2019-01-31 // 4 min read

I Moved My Website

A small change, an hour of debugging

2018-12-22 // 16 min read

2018 Reflection

A reflection on the past year

2018-09-28 // 3 min read

Mastering Time Management

How I make sure I'm using my time well

2018-05-28 // 4 min read

Facebook Hack 2018

A hackathon reflection

2017-12-23 // 5 min read

2017 Reflection

A reflection on the past year

2017-11-28 // 4 min read

My First Project

Lessons learned from my first project

2017-11-28 // 1 min read

Unihack 2017

A hackathon reflection

2017-05-29 // 6 min read

Simple Static Sites

My setup for building and deploying a personal website

2017-01-01 // 5 min read

Hello World

Testing out markdown

2016-09-18 // 3 min read

Kubo and the Two Strings

A review I wrote some time ago, now online!