A good start for October

Posted October 01, 2021 with tags #music

Somehow, we’re now into the final quarter of the year. Here’s a few things that interest me, and may interest you!

Hacktoberfest is back for another year, hopefully the controls they introduced after the terrible spam-fest of 2020 will avoid creating too much work for maintainers. It’s nice to see that they’re making merge requests on GitLab eligible too, and highlighting financial contributions as a way to support open source software.

A friend of mine in the UK is running a Kickstarter campaign to sell enamel Pikachu pins, if pins are your thing.

Today is also Bandcamp Friday, where Bandcamp waives their service fee for sales. It’s an excellent opportunity to support smaller/local artists and independent labels.

Here’s five albums I’ve been listening to recently.

I saw Nadje perform with Luke Howard when we weren’t in lockdown earlier this year. The world needs more gentle trumpet and flugel soloists, her sound is honey for my ears.

Brad’s a Melbourne-based funk keys player, he livestreams a few times each week on Twitch. In fact, he’s live as I write this!

Hello Satellites was one of the performances I attended at Tempo Rubato in Brunswick before the most recent bout of lockdowns. First time I’ve seen a harp live too!

Jordan Rakei’s voice is magical, and his new album sounds incredible. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it this last week.

I love him on Vulfpeck and I love him as a solo artist, Theo is a powerhouse with his voice and guitar. He’s got three great albums under his belt now, and this live album is great introduction in my opinion.

Happy listening!

Thanks for reading!

Niko from the video game OneShot

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If you’re wondering, this is Niko from the game OneShot. You should play OneShot.

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