Pretty commits

Posted May 25, 2021

In a chance glance through the Git history of one of my projects last week, I found commit 53331294. A hash with eight leading numbers! A sequence like this isn’t particularly rare, but it’s also not an everyday occurence.

Today at work, I notice the palindrome 39eee93 while using git reset1. SHA-1 works in mysterious ways. 🤔

Of course, there are plenty of other pretty commits out in the wild. You can always try brute-forcing a commit with more leading zeroes than 00000000000000, or cracking a joke with deadbeef.

If you’re musically inclined, what melodies use the natural notes bar G? The lick is unfortunately not SHA-friendly.

When you commit next, consider a pause to admire the hash. Who knows what pattern you might spot?

1 If you find yourself navigating the fog that is git rebase, remember to throw out a tag here and there. It’s a great catch if (like me) you occasionally need to reset. 😅

Thanks for reading!

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