Newsletter #2020-01


Testing Signed and Encrypted Cookies in Rails

A writeup on testing cookies in a Rails application that I enjoyed reading.

How do ECMAScript Private Fields Work in TypeScript?

Digs into the output from the TypeScript compiler, exploring some interesting JavaScript use.

The Music of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky

The soundtracks of the Pokémon games really hit their stride in the fourth generation, and this analysis captures how music conveys emotion in this iteration of the Mystery Dungeon series.


The Engoodening of No Man’s Sky

Videos from Internet Historian are always a treasure, but this telling of the disastrous launch of No Man’s Sky and its later redepemtion is particularly captivating.

How Celeste Takes a Little and Gets a Lot

Celeste has a captivating soundtrack, and 8-bit Music Theory does a great breakdown of how one particular composition maximises value for only a few ideas.

What Bojack Horseman Teaches Us About Character Arcs

An interesting study on writing character arcs, looking at Princess Carolyn’s arc over the past seasons of Bojack Horseman.

It seems fitting given the second half of the final season will be releasing this month.


Mr. Finish Line - Vulfpeck

The funky gang’s 2017 album features a lot of great standout performances.

Some of my favourite tracks include the eponymous “Mr. Finish Line”, “Tee Time” with Woody Goss and closing track “Captain Hook”.

Listen carefully for the lyrics “GitHub Bootstrappin'”!

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Published 31 Jan 2020 by Nicholas

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