Newsletter #2020-07

Aaaand we’re back! I haven’t quite felt like putting together a new issue for the last while, but I’ve finally wrapped one up!

Please enjoy!


An Interactive Guide to Ambiguous Grammar

In an age where speech is expected to fit into a sound bite, techniques are still employed to obfuscate the true message.

Reducing Search Indexing Latency to One Second

There’s plenty of technical tidbits to pick up from engineering blogs, like Twitter! Whether it’s in the data structures and approaches they employ, or their observations and decisions from operating at scale, I’m sure you’ll walk away with something new.

How the Nintendo Switch Prevents Downgrades by Irreparably Blowing Its Own Fuses

The tactics companies will employ to hold control are fascinating.

Enjoying Music Albums From Start to Finish

With music being a strong feature in this newsletter, it’s not hard to deduce that it’s a core part of my identity. Last weekend I felt like writing, and ended up with this love letter to the humble music album.


The ****ed Legacy of the Arrest of Miles Davis

It’s ignorance to gloss over the history of jazz and its roots, Adam Neely puts it into better words than I can.

Millenium Hour

I stumbled onto DeadlyComics through a small animation loop on Twitter and fell in love with their style. Their thesis piece from this year is no exception!



KOKOROKO found my ears through a mixtape from their label during Bandcamp’s Juneteenth fundraiser, and I’ve been enamoured with their sound since. You can plenty of their live performances on YouTube too!

Firewatch - Chris Remo

The soundtrack from Firewatch is always a piece of easy listening for me.

We Like It Here - Snarky Puppy

I’ve mentioned Snarky Puppy before with a video from one of their live sessions, but the entire album from this recording is pretty fire as well!

Modern Johnny Sings: Songs in the Age of Vibe

It seems to be a natural progression from following Vulfpeck to go to listening to the discographies of its individual members. With Theo Katzman’s voice and lyricism, who am I to complain?

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Published 10 Jul 2020 by Nicholas

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