Newsletter #2020-09

Here we are again, and once more I’ve got a selection of posts to read, videos to watch, and music to enjoy!

So dig in! If you’ve got thoughts, feel free to share them in a reply!


How We Upgraded PostgreSQL at GitLab

Database upgrades aren’t the most fascinating things in the world, but I think it’s interesting to see procedure in action for these major events.

Building a Solver for Golf Peaks

If you’ve been following my blog lately these last few weeks, you might have seen my adventures in building a solver for the puzzle game Golf Peaks. I’ve finally wrapped up work on it, and made some great strides in terms of performance!

It’s a three part series, so best sit down with a cuppa if you’re looking to read it!

When You Browse Instagram and Find Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Passport Number

In today’s OpSec lesson, don’t post sensitive documents like plane tickets on Instagram.

Why Aren’t You More Serious?

Personal websites should always be a labour of love, not a set of obligations.


Half-Life 2 Makes Me Proud to Be a Human

If there was a video that captured what if feels like to play a Half-Life game, it’s this one.

Naughty Dog’s Game Design is Outdated

I think there’s a good warning here about the dangers of linear narratives in video games, a medium that


Realign - Red Vox

Rock isn’t usually my genre, but there’s a lot of cool things happening with synths and effects that caught my ear. I reckon this might just be my favourite album from the year.

The Optimist - Ryan Porter

Speaking of pedal effects, this album from Ryan Porter features a neat use with pedals for a trombone solo!

Anyway - May Erlewine and the Woody Goss Band

For an album released in 2020, you’d easily mistake this great little work as a relic from the past century. A wonderful acoustic sound sprinkled with a lovely assortment of keyboards.

Pyre Official Soundtrack - Darren Korb

For all I talk about game soundtracks, I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned the music powerhouse at Supergiant Games, Darren Korb!

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Published 15 Oct 2020 by Nicholas

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